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Walking – Outside ‘Snake’ Walk


Outside ‘Snake’ Walk. Yup. More flash! However this version of ‘flash’ does has purpose, which is slightly more than just ‘what happens in the case of…’. Aside from times when the Follower will mishear the lead (the action, not the person), there are valid instances under which an Outside ‘Snake’ Walk can be used to great effect, musical interpretations, navigational issues that are constantly cropping up, and furthermore lots and lots and lots of variance in say a ‘Walking Turn’.  Don’t give into the ‘Coolness’ factor, but instead focus on the Outside ‘Snake’ Walk actually having purpose!

Why do we learn Parallel or Cross System or Any of these ? The simplest answer is because it offers us options and opportunities to engage in other ways of moving that other walking systems would restrict us. Think of these 3 remaining variants as a situation if the Follower goes somewhere unintended because they ‘felt’ X, and then went with X, you now have a solution for it, across all the possible mistakes. It’s one reason why we work on the facility of walking systems!


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