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Walking – Inside ‘Snake’ Walk


Inside ‘Snake’ Walk. Let’s be honest. This is just plain and simple flash. Yup. No doubt about it. However this ‘flash’ actually has purpose, and that purpose is a ‘what happens in the case of…’. Put simply there are times when the Follower is going to mishear what the Lead is leading, and there are only so many times when you can engage a lazy ocho, or a back cross…that noise gets old … fast. Enter, the Inside ‘Snake’ Walk! This cool little piece of walking goes in and out of cross system, can be done from open or close embrace, and the best of all, it allows for lots of variation – musical variation that will keep you endlessly coming up with ways to tweak it!

Why do we learn Parallel or Cross System or Any of these ? The simplest answer is because it offers us options and opportunities to engage in other ways of moving that other walking systems would restrict us. Think of these 3 remaining variants as a situation if the Follower goes somewhere unintended because they ‘felt’ X, and then went with X, you now have a solution for it, across all the possible mistakes. It’s one reason why we work on the facility of walking systems!


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