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Walking – Cross – Weight Change Step Entry


Cross System – Weight Change Step Entry. Every social dance employs the use of Parallel Walking. Tango on the other hand has more than 1 way to walk. Enter ‘Cross’ System. Meaning ? Lead left to Follower left and Lead Right to Follower Right. Sometimes this way of walking is referred to as ‘Same‘ Feet walking. Meaning that you’re going to step with the same foot at the same time with your partner. This way of moving is quite literally what sets Tango apart in the dance world. No other social dance allows for such diversity in it’s way of moving. Tango just doubles up (actually because there are 6, it’s times six!).

Why do we learn Cross System ? The simplest answer is because it offers us options and opportunities to engage in other ways of moving that Parallel walking would restrict us. Cross system frees us from those constraints and at the same time adds a whole other layer of complexity.

The Two Methods of  Entering Cross System. This is 2nd method and it’s used with some frequency from a standing position or more appropriately from a musical pause! This is quite literally a game changer in terms of adding nuance to your dance. This one ups the ante in terms of facility. Get this right and quite literally the other forms of walking fall in line! It’s the beens knees!

What’s Included ?

Weight Change Step (open side shown)
How to Generate The ‘Weight Change’.
3 Track Walking on the Open side. 
3 Track Walking on the Closed side.
Close up of foot dynamics and foot placement. 
Demonstration of getting into and out of Cross System using Step Half-Step.