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Walking – Cross – Lazy Ochos


Cross System – ‘Lazy’ Ochos. The question you should be asking yourself is “Why are ‘Lazy’ Ochos included here ? This is about Walking Systems, Right ?”. Yes, it is. And that’s because the Lazy Ocho, sometimes referred to as ‘Milonguero’ Ochos, are really just walking backwards for the Follower with one major difference: They’re led to cross over their body’s natural longitudinal axial line, sometimes called the ‘body meridian’. In short, they’re the only ocho where the Follower’s hips do not rotate via applied disassociation!  So rightfully they belong here in Walking Systems and not in Ochos (but we include them there too because, well…they’re ochos).

Why do we learn Cross System ? The simplest answer is because it offers us options and opportunities to engage in other ways of moving that Parallel walking would restrict us. Cross system frees us from those constraints and at the same time adds a whole other layer of complexity.

Why do we play/use Lazy Ochos ? The simplest answer is a.) They’re insanely versatile. b.) They’re incredibly musical. and c.) They’re also the only ocho that you can use continually without the Follower wanting to kill you after the 3rd one! So go ahead, knock yourself out!

What’s Included ?

Step Half-Step & Weight Change Step Methods shown (open side shown)
Close up of foot dynamics and foot placement. 
Demonstration of getting into and out of .


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