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Ultimate Sacada Bundle



One or two Sacadas here and there are all fine and good but ideally, you’d like to have mastery over all the Sacadas you can possibly get your hands on. Tango Topics has covered these items in what it calls the Ultimate Sacada Bundle. Five (and 2 more ancillary) videos that cover not only the basics of Sacadas but also simple sacadas for both roles, chained and multiple sacadas, close embrace sacadas, the golden sacada (a Tango Topic exclusive!!), and the requisite of coolness > back sacadas!

The Sacada Bundle includes:

Simple Sacadas 2015
Simple Sacadas 2018
Back Sacadas 2105
The Golden Sacada 
The Crossing Sacada Turn 2015
The Crossing Sacada Turn 2017
Close Embrace Sacadas