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Turns – Milonguero Turn


‘Milonguero’ Vocabulary: This is the basic vocabulary for dancing Close Embrace in small, tight (buenos aires-like milonga) spaces. This particular piece of vocabulary is the ‘Milonguero’ Turn.

For years this was the default turn until something changed 25 years ago, and it was replaced by the sexier open embrace molinete, which was then done in close embrace. The open embrace molinete has a benefit over the Milonguero Turn in that it shows off the lines of the Follower in the back and the forward steps around the Lead. See ()

In this piece of vocabulary, where it differs from a molinete (in close or open embrace) the partnership keeps the planes of their bodies facing each other. Note that the follower’s hips do not rotate but in fact stay facing their lead. Also note that in place of the follower’s applied disassociation that would result in a ‘back ocho‘ which is the back step of the molinete, the Follower instead is led (note the distinction) to cross her feet (back, and forward).

This video shows you the proper technique for both Lead and Follow to execute this turn.

Pre-Requisites: It is assumed that you understand walking systems and that you have a complete understanding of your foundation and your embrace.  If you are uncertain about your understanding of these things, these videos below will help you with that process. Please understand these videos are not here to sell you soap, but rather to further and deepen your clarity around these very important topics. Please purchase/review the following videos: