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Turns – Milonguero Turn ‘Trick’


There is a ‘trick‘ to engaging the Milonguero Turn which will  override the Follower’s default behavior in turns. The default behavior ? A Molinete, and in specific a Close Embrace Molinete. How do you insist on a Milonguero Turn instead of a Close Embrace Molinete ? Enter the Milonguero Turn ‘Trick‘. It’s a displacement really but a well timed and well placed displacement.

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Pre-Requisites: It is assumed that you understand walking systems and that you have a complete understanding of your foundation and your embrace.  If you are uncertain about your understanding of these things, these videos below will help you with that process. Please understand these videos are not here to sell you soap, but rather to further and deepen your clarity around these very important topics. Please purchase/review the following videos: