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The Golden Sacada of Tango


The Golden Sacada of Tango. We start out learning how to walk, then to turn, then to cross, and at some point we’re amazed by the intricate idea and actions of Sacadas. When we stop and break them down we realize that the sacada isn’t that intricate, it’s really just people walking. However, the walking part, in this case, intersects. Or as in the case of the Golden Sacada of Tango. It intersects 6 times.

To be fair this isn’t the typical Sacada, it’s a pattern actually but a pattern with lots and lots and lots of variance. It’s also a pattern that can actually be used on a social dance floor within the line of dance, so that makes this particular pattern actually useful, most of them, are not. This one, in particular, has multiple uses, six of them to be precise!

Enter -> The Golden Sacada of Tango!

It’s called this because it contains SIX commonly used Sacadas that you’ll ever need or want to dance in under 25 minutes and 30 seconds of HD video in 12 sections ranging from Lead Technique and Follower Technique, as well as the vocabulary, and in close embrace, and a host of other things. It’s quite literally the bees-knees of all the common Sacadas! 🙂 And all for the cost of the workshop. Only this workshop you can rewind, play again, and again, and again…

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What’s Included in 25 min and 30 sec of HD Video ? 

Section 1 – Foundation – 00:00:58
Section 2 – Introduction – 00:00:55
Section 3 – 1st Sacada  – 00:02:36
Section 4 – 2nd Sacada – 00:03:15
Section 5 – 3rd Mark Step – 00:02:52 <- Sacada/Mark Step
Section 6 – 4th Sacada- 00:04:04
Section 7 – 5th Sacada – 00:02:00
Section 8 – 6th Sacada – 00:01:40
Section 9 – Entire Sequence – 00:01:35
Section 10 – Details- 00:01:38
Section 11 – Variations- 00:02:35
Section 12 – Reversals – 00:01:50

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