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The Tango Topics Library



Own the Tango Topics Library.

For one price you can own the entire library of videos and articles and everything else that’s here on Tango Topics!

I’ll get straight to the point: This is my life’s work. There won’t be another like this, ever.

I’ve spent the last 5 years building this tool, and the last 14 years building me so that I could do something like this one day. Well that day is here. Put this another way,  if this were your life’s work, wouldn’t you want to get paid for it and not have it sold off for the absolute bargain basement price ? No. You want to get paid. Period. To that end, this isn’t a money grab because to be honest with you, I’m only charging you a fraction of the time and effort it took to create this stuff for you. For instance, the Ganchos video series, there are 22 in all, it took 5 weeks to shoot that, and I screwed it up 3 times! It took 3 months to edit it down to something usable, and then another month to write about it. The Boleo series ? That took 6 weeks to shoot, in 2 different locations, and I screwed it up 5 times that we had to go back and do multiple, multiple drop-in shoots. The Building Blocks Series, took 2 weeks to shoot, and 2 months edit, and another 3 weeks to write. The MULTIPLE Sacada series, I estimate that it took over 5 months to shoot, another 4 months to edit, and about 6 months to write about it. Shooting times for all of these was anywhere from an hour to 6 hours for each topic that you see.

Now add to that there are over 400 videos here.  And if you do the math you’ll see that that’s a lot of time spent doing this. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Add in the travel to two different continents, 4 different partners and their schedules, all the studio rental time and fees, and missed buses and trains, and whatnot. Then add in the writing, the editing, the promotion, the everything. Oh and that’s not including the actual knowledge and where it came from. I had to pay for those lessons, each and every one of them. And sometimes those lessons were painful and sometimes they weren’t. Sometimes I had to reconstruct my entire tango universe to fit the ideas that I was being shown. I did that more times than you can shake a stick at. So, yeah…you’re starting to get an idea of just how much work when into this. Yes ?

So the price tag down below starts to look really cheap under those circumstances! Now that you understand what went into them.

What do you get ? Everything that I have created under the guise of Tango Topics. All the content that’s here and published. What you don’t get is the source video, meaning the original, unedited video content. That will never see the light of day. Nor should it. But you get everything else. Delivered to your door on an SSD (price of SSD not included) that can hold all the data for you to use and see. The resulting product will be in the form of a local website that you can see and interact with. Just open up a web browser and point it at the opening page and you’ll be inside the tangotopics website with everything there for you. That’s it.