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Social Boleos

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The Social Boleo is considered to be one of the easier (hahahaha) Boleos to start with, because it requires (seemingly so) “Less work” from the Follower. This is not entirely the case, while it is an easier Boleo, because it is an easeful Boleo it is no less strenuous than any other Boleo. It does require precision and control from both parties (Lead and Follow), and it does require that certain things be mastered before you attempt the Boleo.

See The Article for More Information: Social Boleos.  

About The Video. This video is 37m:34s in length in 15 sections. Both lead and follower vocabulary are combined and integrated into the video.

Introduction – 00:01:22
How to Start The Social Boleo – 00:01:05
The Follower’s Ocho – 00:03:09
Follower’s Specifics for Back Steps – 00:00:49
The Follower Stepping Away – 00:00:47
Leading & Following The Social Boleo – 00:01:54
The Engine of the Social Boleo – 00:04:33
Creating The Size of the Boleo – 00:01:24
The Open Embrace Version – 00:01:19
  — in Slow Motion – 00:01:13
The Close Embrace Version (and in slow motion) – 00:04:30
The ‘Rebote’ Idea – 00:01:39
The Social Contra Boleo – 00:03:09
A Social Boleo with A Social Contra Boleo – 00:02:56
Final Thoughts/Closure Items – 00:06:32

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