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Ochos – Traveling Ochos

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The ‘Traveling’ Ocho is the ‘Ocho’ variety that you generally think of defining an ocho. The reason it’s called a ‘traveling’ ocho is because it moves down the line of dance in either open or close embrace. This ocho variant is very similar to the Linear Ocho in that invokes disassociation & applied disassociation but in this instance the applied disassociation is much more contained, very controlled, resulting in much smaller, tighter arc of motion for the Follower that is executing the movement. From the Leading perspective the Lead that is generating this motion must do several things all at the same time, invoke disassociation, contain the motion, without using their arms or hands, while executing the motion ‘in time’ to the music so that the Follower’s ocho ends up on beat. In short, there’s a timing issue that comes into play here.

In this video we learn the Leading component of how to lead the Traveling Ocho, and specifically what the lead must do and must not do to engage the Traveling Ocho in the Follower. Footwork is shown as well as detailed for both roles. We also explore and learn the Follower’s technique for this venerable piece of vocabulary.