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Ochos – Over-Rotated


Let’s just put this out there the ‘Over Rotated’ Ocho is super applied disassociation on steroids! To be certain this ocho really puts your skills to the test. This ocho is a 180 degree arc of rotation for the Follower. It’s also the only ocho ever done in cross system & homo-lateral movement! It’s a very odd sensation and movement, but insanely cool. One of the more fun varieties of ochos. However, to be certain this is not something that should be done with beginner Followers, mostly because they lack the necessary underlaying skill set! At the same time it should be noted that there is absolutely NO tension, compression, force, or resistance being used or employed in this ocho variety at all. While it can be employed, it’s not taught or shown.

In this video we learn the Leading component of how to lead the Over-Rotated Ocho, and specifically what the lead must do using only ‘intention’ based leading. Follower’s technique is shown in exacting detail in close up as well detailed instructions on how and where the feet must be placed for the Ocho to succeed. Both roles are shown in detail from Open as well as Close Embrace.