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Ochos – Linear Ochos


‘Linear’ Ochos are so named because they’re where the follower ochos on a line in front of the Lead. The true purpose of the Linear Ocho is really to teach both Lead and Follow about the nature of the Ocho as a construct. In short, it’s a really great exercise to explore and play with on multiple levels. However, it does actually have a social usage. You can use the Linear ochos as (from a Leading perspective) when you’re stuck in the line of dance and want to keep the Follower moving. Just as a side noted, we don’t want to do more than 3 of these things. After that, and the Follower more than likely wants to kill you. Ochos are hard work!

The Linear Ocho is all about engaging disassociation and really applied disassociation. Unlike the other 7 social ochos that I teach, this one is used the least and yet it’s the one that we end up referring to quite frequently, again because of its construction.

In this video we learn the Leading component of how to lead the ‘Linear‘ Ocho, and specifically what the lead must do and must not do to engage the Linear Ocho in the Follower. Footwork is shown as well as detailed for both roles. We also explore and learn the Follower’s technique for this piece of vocabulary.