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Ochos – ‘Lazy’ or Milonguero Ochos

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‘Lazy’ Ochos are sometimes referred to as ‘Milonguero’ Ochos. They’re called this because the ocho contains no disassociation, applied disassociation, or pivots. They’re essentially a walking back step that crosses over the body’s natural meridian at a 45º tangent to the meridian line. This particular Ocho variety is useful for a variety of reasons, most notably it is easier to lead, easier to follow, and provides for a cleaner entry into a series of turns, and is exceptionally musical. The ocho is also a perfect entry to the back cross, as well as floating, and rotating back crosses.

In this video we are shown desired Lead technique to generate the Lazy ocho in the Follower without the use of tension, compression, or force in any way, shape, or form. The video shows using either variant of cross system walking (step/half-step or weight change step) as the entry point to invoking the Lazy ocho. Follower technique is also shown and discussed in lurid detail with close up footwork. Close Embrace is also shown as a variation which is generally how the Lazy ocho is employed, generally.