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Ochos – Circular Ochos


The ‘Circular’ Ocho is an under used variant of the Ocho but still a vital part of the Ocho tool. This ocho invokes disassociation & applied disassociation and really works the rotational arc of motion for the Follower. Generally this ocho is seen as the entry point for the Follower’s Molinete from a standing position, it can also be used as a navigational point to ‘keep the Follower moving‘ when the line of dance comes to a stop. From a Leading perspective this is an odd ocho to invoke because it means not moving with the Follower as in the case with Linear, Lazy, or Traveling Ochos but rather uses Disassociation to invoke the Ocho from the Follower.

In this video we learn the Leading component of how to lead the Circular Ocho, and specifically what the lead must do without using tension, compression, or force. Follower’s technique is shown in exacting detail in close up as well detailed instructions on how and where the feet must be placed for the Ocho to succeed. Both roles are shown in detail from Open as well as Close Embrace.