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Ochos – Anti Ocho


The ‘Anti’ Ocho which are sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Counter’ Ochos, these are not counter ochos in the typical sense. A Counter ocho would go against the Follower’s motion, which this ocho variety does, however, in the case of the Counter ocho, the lead’s motion would go against the rotation of the Follower not the direction of the ocho is the case here. So, no, this is not a counter ocho! 🙁 Of all the ochos shown here is the only one that just plain fun to dance (from either side of the embrace). It’s a bit of a shocker to the Follower when it’s led, and it’s kinda cool to watch when integrated into the music. From a technical perspective this ocho looks very, very, very similar to Linear Ocho, with one monster difference, the direction the Follower is going in.  It has very musical leanings, and can be used as a navigational element. From a Following perspective this Ocho requires the Follower to listen for a very specific piece of information from their Lead. From a leading perspective there’s trick to this ocho, and a proper set up. Set this ocho up the wrong way and it will be almost impossible to lead, let alone follow it. So the set up is absolutely crucial to the success of this ocho. Hence the video.

In this video we learn the Leading component of how to lead the Anti Ocho, and specifically what the lead must do using only ‘intention’ based leading. Follower’s technique is shown in exacting detail in close up as well detailed instructions on how and where the feet must be placed for the Ocho to succeed. Both roles are shown in detail from Open as well as Close Embrace.