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Ocho Transitions – Part 3


Ocho Transitions – Lazy Ochos into The Follower’s Molinete

This particular variety of Ocho, the Lazy Ocho, is the default ocho in “Milonguero” style of dancing that we use it almost in place of walking…almost šŸ™‚ However with regards to this particular transition it is a very infrequent transition. The default transition that is is used is Lazy Ochos to a Milonguero Turn. However it does happen from time to time, mostly because the Follower is either not paying attention to the lead (that there was no indication of disassociation) so therefore no traveling ochos, but we want to engage the Follower’s Molinete! So the really odd part about this transition is that it’s awkward or strange. It’s like putting peanut butter together with oranges in a sandwich. Huh ???? However, you should ideally take a look at the video, glean what you can from it, and then try it out a few times. šŸ˜‰ It can be loads of fun to transition this way as a default for a little while.

This particular Topic goes into great detail in 12:37 in HD quality video showing both Lead and Follower’s side of the equation, and multiple places where there are ‘gotchas’ and how to resolve them. This is not necessarily a ‘technique’ video per se. But more about awareness than anything else and how to handle this very particular situation which happens with greater frequency than you might imagine.

See the Topics Article for details for both sides of the embrace.

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