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Ocho Transitions – Part 2


Ocho Transitions – Traveling Ochos into The Follower’s Molinete

This particular variety of Ocho, the Traveling Ocho, is so venerable that we use it for nearly every kind of transition there is. However, this particular transition happens with such frequency that you would think there was a class on this stuff. But that’s the weird part, there isn’t. The reason is because it’s boring. It’s functional vocabulary. No one wants to pay to learn this stuff. And yet it is precisely this stuff that you must learn and how to make it smooth, clean, clear, consistent, that will turn you into a ‘lovely’ dancers. At the same time because no one talks about this stuff we do have to focus on 2 problems that come up for a lot of dancers. 1.) The desire of most Leads to compress the embrace thereby inhibiting the Follower’s motion in either Traveling Ochos or the Follower’s Moliente, and 2.) The Follower not completing their ocho and stepping away from their lead.

This particular Topic goes into great detail in 23 Minutes in HD quality video showing both Lead and Follower’s side of the equation, and multiple places where there are ‘gotchas’ and how to resolve them. This is not necessarily a ‘technique’ video per se. But more about awareness than anything else and how to handle this very particular situation which happens with greater frequency than you might imagine.

See the Topics Article for details for both sides of the embrace.

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