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Ocho Transitions – Part 1


Ocho Transitions – Milonguero “Lazy” Ochos into Milonguero Turns

The “Lazy” Ocho or as it formerly referred to as, Milonguero Style Ochos. So named because the ocho does not rotate or apply disassociation in any way, shape, or form. These ochos are frequently used to transition into any number of pieces of vocabulary. They’re a venerable tool for transitions. However a good portion of the time, we are taught the technique of these things and only near the end of a class or a workshop you can see how they can fit into a sequence of vocabulary. We don’t spend a whole lot of time on the transition elements themselves. That’s where this video fits in. It’s not showing the technique of one or the other but rather the transition between the two elements! The other element in this case is the Milonguero Turn. Yet another venerable piece of tango vocabulary that is used quite frequently.

You would think that such a piece of vocabulary or a transition that is used with such frequency, that there would actually be a class or workshop series on this stuff. But you’d be wrong. Not so much with that. That’s why this video exists. To give you a bit of insight into exactly what we want to do in the transition itself and to focus on the transition ONLY.

This video is 21m:14s minutes in HD quality, and covers the following areas:

a.) The Base Foundation – Lazy Ochos to a Milonguero Turn
b.) The Transition Point for BOTH Lead and Follow.
c.) Slowed down example of transition and entrance and exit points.

See the Topics Article that goes with this.

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