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Molinete – ‘Fred’ Torture


The Molinete is the single hardest thing that a Follower has to perform when dancing. It’s the balls to the wall move that tests even the most experienced Follower. The reason ? The back step! Truth be told the Follower’s Forward step is a piece of cake by comparison, and the side step (the way it’s taught today) is almost an after thought, almost like a ‘what ?’ kind of thing.

Very few teachers, actually have an exercise that will restructure the Molinete from the inside out. This exercise IS that restructuring that you’re wanting to do. ‘Fred’ Torture is all about the component elements of the Molinete (not the Giro), and breaking them down to their individual elements and cleaning them to create a smoother, cleaner, clearer, far more precisely controlled Molinete. And that starts with ‘Fred’ Torture. So named after an Ex Boyfriend of a student of mine that stood in for the Lead, and when they broke up. The girlfriend (his) thought it would be funny to place a chair there in the role of the Lead because ‘Fred’ was like a chair to begin with, so it was fitting. Truthfully it was a stroke of genius. As a result we have this exercise today which has been built and reconstructed from it’s first iterations (one of which you can see in the bootcamp videos).

Check out it’s preview in the bootcamp videos, now add actual talking about what you’re supposed to be doing and you have a radically different and very updated version of this very useful tool!