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Argentine Media Luna

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The Media Luna Turn. This is one of nine possible turns in Argentine Tango which allows for one to add versatility to the interpretation of the music.  The turn itself,  Media Luna (pron: may-dee-ah loo-nah), consists of 3 steps (for the Follower): Forward, Side, and another Forward step. There is no disassociation, no applied disassociation, and nothing crazy. This is simple linear tango vocabulary at it’s finest. At the same time the vocabulary has the ability to be done in close and open (as well as any style) embrace. It is highly extensible (meaning you can decorate it quite easily from a leading or following perspective), and lends itself to interpreting the music very well.

This video shows Lead and Follower technique for the ‘how to’ that you need to know to improve your dance in Close Embrace vocabulary dancing. It should be noted that while this video can teach you everything that you need to know, as well as showing you where the pitfalls of this movement are for both roles, you will still need to study with an instructor to get the kinesthetics aligned properly. This video should be used as reference while under the care and feeding of a qualified instructor.

This video comes in at 15m:16s in length in 11 Sections. Both lead and follower technique is combined and integrated in the video.

Section 1 – Introduction – 00:00:25
Section 2 – The Vocabulary – 00:01:43
Section 3 – The Turning Component – 00:00:45
Section 4 – The 2nd Media Luna – 00:01:13
Section 5 – Without The Lead Back Step – 00:00:37
Section 6 – With The ‘Embrace’ – 00:01:15
Section 7 – The Close Embrace Version – 00:01:14
Section 8 – Media Luna Examples – 00:02:55
Section 9 – The Dark Side Media Luna – 00:02:18
Section 10 – The Shorter Side Step – 00:00:37
Section 11 – The Dark Side Solution/Wrap Up – 00:01:03

To learn a bit more about the Media Luna – Look at Today’s Tango Truism 979

Pre-Requisites: It is assumed that you understand walking systems and that you have a complete understanding of your foundation and your embrace.  If you are uncertain about your understanding of these things, the videos below will help you with that process. Please understand these videos are not here to sell you soap, but rather to further and deepen your clarity around these very important topics. Please purchase/review the following videos: