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Linear Boleos

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The Linear Boleo is really a simple boleo, until you really get into it and then you realize there’s a lot going on there that you hadn’t even considered! This video goes into all the details, the ins, the outs, and the bottom line for all dancers as to how to generate a Linear Boleo.

See The Article for More Information: Linear Boleos.  

About The Video. This video is 2hrs:26m:20s in length in 11 sections. Both lead and follower vocabulary is combined and integrated in the video. There are two sections devoted specifically to the Technique that is required for both roles for nearly all Boleo types.

Exercise – 00:14:43
      The Free Leg Exercise
      The Controlled Leg Exercise
7 Common Errors – 00:18:37 (above)
       5 Common Follower Errors
       2 Common Lead Errors
Follower Technique – 00:24:46
      The Walking Steps Reminders
      Follower Linear Ochos
      The Follower’s Appreciation Step
      Basic Boleo Technique
      Striking The Match (above)
      Social Boleo Technique
      Circular Boleo Technique
      The Follower’s Rebote
      Follower Posture
      Follower Leg Control
Lead Technique – 00:28:34
      The Lead’s ‘Lead’
      The Timing Issue
      Setting Up The Contra
      Setting Up The With
      Linear Boleo Technique
      Frozen Boleo Technique
The Rebote Principle – 00:05:15
Deeper Contra/With Boleos – 00:16:28
       Contra Clarity
       With Boleo Clarity
       Deeper Rebote Principles
       Contra & With Boleos Together At Last
       Embrace & Posture Reminders
Linear Boleos – 00:18:52 (see library)
       Sending The Free Leg
       The Contra Linear Boleo
       The Frozen Boleo Idea
       The Embrace Question
       More Frozen Ideas
       Linear Boleo Advice
Boleo Examples – 00:10:57

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