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Golden Nugget of Tango


The Golden Nugget of Tango. We start out learning how to walk, then to turn, then to cross. Along the way we learn about the embrace. We go out social dancing and play with what we’ve learned, seen, experienced, and try to replicate it. And throughout all of that it’s really just a matter of 7 basic movements. Forward, Side, Back, Ochos, Turns, Crosses, and the Embrace. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that. Really. And when you boil it right down, it’s really just the first 3 things…forward, side, and back for both roles.

However, to get to a point where you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, so that you don’t look like a dance school baby (no one wants that!) we try (as leads) to pick up vocabulary (volcadas, sacadas, colgadas) and as followers we learn adornos, embellishments, boleos, ganchos, and how to walk in 3 in heels without getting killed! To get to that point still takes a few years, two at minimum (unless you take my intensive course – 6 months).

What if there were a way to cut that down to something reasonable. Mind you, you’ll still end up looking like a beginner, but you’ll be a very informed beginner. What if there were a piece of vocabulary that could do that for you that you could use all night long, be familiar with, that allowed for a great deal of versatility, and as well as allow you to get comfortable with the dance over time and relax a bit, and still have an enormous amount of fun!  What if ? If only there were a video that you could watch that would teach you everything you need to know so that you could go out social dancing tonight and not look like a dance studio baby!

Enter -> The Golden Nugget of Tango!

So called that because it contains everything you’ll ever need to know about the dance in under 31 minutes of HD video in 12 sections ranging from Lead Technique and Follower Technique, as well as the vocabulary, and in close embrace, and a host of other things. It’s quite literally the bees-knees! 🙂 And all for the cost of workshop. Only this workshop you can rewind, play again, and again, and again….

Of course you can buy the video here, or you could subscribe and become a gold or diamond level user and get access to this video and all the videos that are on this site, for one low monthly or yearly fee. Subscribe in cheaper than owning!

What’s Included:

Part 1 – Lead Steps
Part 2 – Follower Steps
Part 3 – Lead & Follower Together
Part 4 – Linking Step One
Part 5 – Linking Step Two
Part 6 – Why ?
Part 7 – Set Up
Part 8 – Close Embrace
Part 9 – Embrace Clarity
Part 10 – Versatility
Part 11 – Cross System Nugget
Part 12 – Example Dance

Pre-Requisites ? None!

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