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Exercise – Extensions


Three for One Video!

This exercise works off ballet rises, as well as working on the extension for the Follower, while it is work based for the Follower this work also extends to the Lead as well. The Ballet Rise that’s shown here is a shorter, much smaller version of the of the Ballet Rise video that is currently for sale. This video isn’t just one video but is in fact a ‘3 for 1’ deal. You get 3 different exercises in just one video:

What’s included ? 

Ballet Rises
Back Crosses (good for leads as well as follows)
Back Extension Work out.

From a Leading perspective, those back crosses are essentially what will become the foundations of the enrosque without the Lapiz! The ballet rises are required work for the back crosses to function! You can’t do one without the other.

From a Following perspective, all of these are required for you on so many levels, it’s not even funny. Your weight transfers are all based off of the ballet rises, any leg extension you do here, is the next level up after the ballet rise, and the back crosses (and forward) are all about any cross that you’ll end up doing!