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Exercise – Ballet Rise

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If the foundation of the dance is it’s walk, and the foundation of the walk is the weight change, then the base element that makes that weight change and walk possible is the “Ballet Rise” or a “Relevé”. Every weight transfer in the dance is in fact a Ballet Rise in reverse, every. single. one.

If you’re having issues with your stability, controlling your walk (as a Lead or a Follower), with how you place your foot on the floor, with ‘dangling’ feet, and are wondering how to fix it ? This is the exercise for you! Quite possibly one of the best exercises that every Lead (yes, LEAD) and Follower should practice daily!

This exercise isn’t just for Followers, no. It’s for both roles because it forces greater and greater levels of control and stability so that you can execute almost anything you want, regardless of the role! This is the 1st thing I teach my students to do, and require them to practice it 10 times a day, every day for 30 days. It becomes the first of many exercises that they incorporate into their solo practice regime. The results, each student, time and time again, has stated that without this exercise as the core of the work that we do together their walk would not be as stable as it is today going forward, and they credit that stability to this exercise!