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Embrace – Open Embrace – Follower


Open Embrace for the Follower.

Quite honestly, this is a great tool for most Followers to learn to use for a variety of reasons, one is safety, still another is stability, knowing what’s yours and what’s not, and still another is learning to control your own stability and being aware of it. All of that can be achieved through working with Open Embrace dancing. Everything that you can do in Close Embrace you can do in Open, only bigger, muuuuch bigger. From a safety perspective we would like to be able to engage and then dance in open embrace if we need to. At the same time, just from a dancing perspective we want to be as versatile as possible with all forms of the embrace so that we can dance with every different type of lead that you may get. Open Embrace is one of the most oldest and popular forms of the embrace in use today. It was around long before ‘Close Embrace’ dancing took over and it will be around for a few more decades to come.

What you will learn in this video is where to put your arms, how to hold your partner’s hand, where to place your right hand, arm, elbow. How to place your left arm, and in specific where your left hand wants to be and why, regardless of their height of the Lead! Why do we want to learn this stuff ? Mostly because we want to be able to float within the embrace of the lead and not use them for stability and/or control, but rather learn to control ourselves, and that means becoming aware of what we are doing and how we’re doing it. Open Embrace dancing is really good for this usage. Because it becomes really obvious that we’re hanging, or pulling, or pushing using our arms and hands! And we do not want to do this…ever.