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Check Steps/Incremental Steps

These are great tools for musical exploration and play for both Leads and Followers in Tango, Milonga, AND Vals! Get your copy today and start playing with Check Steps, and their kissin’ cousins, the Incremental Step! Check out the detailed article on these.


Check Steps/Incremental Steps! These are simple pieces of elegant, and very musical, tango vocabulary. It can be done in open or close embrace and has loads of variations in to either the open side of the embrace or the closed side of the embrace. These lend themselves very well to Milonga and any 8th notes in Tango, or Vals. They’re easy to generate, and lots of fun to play with.

The video goes into the details of how to lead and follow a Check Step, and it’s kissin’ cousin, the Incremental Step. The video explores the weight change and when it occurs. It also explores the necessity of ‘Intention Based Dancing’.

If you’d like to learn more about the pluses and minuses of Check Steps/Incremental Steps from a leading and following perspective, go here.

This video is 16:26 in length in HD quality.