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Sacadas – Back Sacadas


The ‘Back’ Sacada. Sacadas are one of the four displacement types. This is the second hardest of the displacement series to learn because in both cases (lead and follow) we’re working and developing a very important skill that is required for the back sacada in order for it to work for both roles: Disassociation!

The Back Sacada is, like all sacadas, an illusion of techniques. The illusion is that it’s the Follower’s walk, and the Lead’s walk that just so happen to intersect! That’s the illusion. The trick in this case with the Back Sacada, is that now we add Disassociation and Applied Disassociation to the equation. And that just adds a whole other level of ‘cool’. To be fair, if you haven’t mastered your disassociation and applied disassociation then attempting these 6 sacadas will be an absolute waste of your time and money! Not kidding. It’s the veritable key to the toy. Fortunately this video provides a basic primer on the topic. However, it’s a primer, it already assumes that you have the skill embedded in you. 🙂 The primer, is only reminder. You really want to go and get the Disassociation series! Then work it, then get this video. 😉

What’s included in 31:37 HD Video ?

1.) Disassociation Primer.
2.) Applied Disassociation Primer.
3.) Simple Sacada Primer. 
4.) Lead Technique for Basic Back Sacada.
5.) Follower Technique for Basic Back Sacada.
6.) Lead Technique on the Follower’s Circular Side Step.
7.) Follower’s Back Sacada Using Linear Ochos.
8.) Deep Follower Technique.
9.) 2 Versions of Back Sacadas.
10.) Closed Side Back Sacadas.
11.) “Chained” Back Sacadas.

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