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The Argentine ‘Dip’

From a Dancing Perspective the Argentine Dip is not seen, it’s felt. The moment you see it you’re going to think, what’s the big deal ? It’s easy to miss. Really easy. It just looks like a hesitation really. That hesitation is the ‘dip’ itself.


The Argentine DipThe ‘Dip’ is a very common form and expressive move used in most social dances. Argentine Tango has it’s own version of a ‘Dip’, however this version of the Dip looks nothing like what you’ve seen before.

The video goes into the details of how to lead and follow a The Argentine Dip. The video explores the Dip from the point of view of the Argentine Cross for both roles. 

If you’d like to learn more about the pluses and minuses of The Argentine Dip from a leading and following perspective, go here.

This video is 13:19 in length in HD quality.