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3 Couples Exercises



Exercise 1: Partner Walking. (length -> 14:34) This is actually 3 exercises combined into one. The first part is walking in Symmetrical Embrace. The second part is walking in Close Embrace, and the 3rd is walking with the No Embrace in torso to torso contact. If all of that sounds easy to do, it is, except for the last one. And now we add a metronome to the equation starting at 60 Beats Per Minute (BPM) for a full minute, then 40 BPM for 2 minutes, and finally 20 for 3 minutes! 60 BPM is a normal walking pace, 40 is a comfortable slow walk but still challenging as you’ll see, and 20 BPM will throw you right off the deep end. It really does require a certain amount of skill to do this especially the slower that you go, and then we remove the embrace entirely! The desire as you’ll see is to use your arms more and more and more, and in reality, you want to use them less and less and less! Hence the No Embrace work! 

Exercise 2: Milonguero Turns & Crossing. (length -> 04:32) You’re going to spend most of your time doing 3 things in tango. 1.) Walking. 2.) Turning. and 3.) Crossing. This exercise for the couple reinforces this idea, again using the above 1.) Symmetrical Embrace. 2.) Close Embrace. 3.) No Embrace at 60, 40, and 20 BPM. However, where things go over the edge for the couple is practicing the Milonguero turn with a No Embrace and the trick is to stay in front of each other while leading and following it. :-))))) And then we add one more, exercising the Argentine Cross again, with all 3 embrace formats, and all 3 speeds!

Exercise 3: The Partner Turn. (length -> 06:32) This is probably the hardest of the 3 Exercises and it’s the one that will confound you the most! It is in its simplest form a Follower’s Molinete for both roles done in a Symmetrical, Close, and lastly a ‘Wrapped’ Embrace (subscribe to see example). However, now we add one more, and that’s the Partner Turn in both directions (lead left to right, and lead right to left) and a Milonguero Turn with a ‘Wrapped’ Embrace.

About The Video. This video comes is 26m:39s in length in 4 sections. Both lead and follower technique is combined and integrated in the video.

Section 1 – Introduction – 00:00:48
Section 2 – Walking Exercises – 00:14:34
–Sub-Section A – Slow Walking for Both Roles – 00:03:27
–Sub-Section B – Beat Walking @ 40BPM – 00:03:48
–Sub-Section C – Beat Walking @ 20BPM – 00:03:41
–Sub-Section D – No Arms Exercise – 00:03:27
Section 3 – Milonguero Turns & Argentine Crosses – 00:04:30
Section 4 – The Turn Game & Closure – 00:06:33