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Thought 134 – Getting Into The Encuentro

…add a little variation to the equation: The Ocho Cortado, Media Lunas, and Close Embrace Sacadas. For the Marathon environment, it’s a slightly wider vocabulary spectrum that may include Colgadas, Volcadas, Wraps, Ganchos and most certainly a wide variety of Boleos! It should be noted that you don’t need to possess all of these things, but let’s just say that having mastered them and using them on a regular basis…will help you out later on. Fourth and lastly, understand that this is about ‘Social Dancing’ with a near-exclusive, if not extreme, emphasis on Musical Interpretation within the line and lane…

Social Vocabulary

Social Vocabulary. This is tango dancing vocabulary (steps, simple patterns) that fits within the line, and the lane of dance, while respecting the Ronda, the partnership (the couple), as well as adhering to the principles of good floorcraft! As an example of Social Vocabulary, Tango Topics has several of these pieces on display, below is a partial list! 1.) Milonguero Ochos (sometimes referred to as ‘Lazy’ Ochos). 2.) Milonguero Turns. 3.) Social Calesitas. 4.) Linear Ocho Cortado / Circular Ocho Cortados 5.) Single Axis Turns. (Social Colgadas) 6.) Social Boleos. 7.) Social Volcadas. And of course: Walking! Remember that any vocabulary…


…is not just one kind or type of Ocho, but in fact 8! 1.) Milonguero Ochos (Lazy Ochos). 2.) Linear Ochos. 3.) Traveling Ochos. 4.) Circular Ochos. 5.) Over-Rotated Ochos. 6.) Anti Ochos. 7.) Milonga Ochos. 8.) Dynamic Ochos. These are Tango Topics distinctions, you won’t find these laid out anywhere else, in quite this manner, by any other teacher. The reason for the distinction has everything to do with applying musical interpretations when we get to mapping out music later on in the Intensive Study Process. By the way, Ochos 1 – 6 are clearly laid out in an Ochos Bundle…

Traveling Ocho

Traveling Ochos are a staple of Argentine Tango vocabulary. It is the common variety of Ocho that is used constantly, and it is also the first and only Ocho that most people learn. When most people think of an Ocho, the Traveling Ocho is what comes to mind. Tango Topics created a distinction of types of Ochos because there are more than one kind (there are 8 actually). This variety is called a ‘Traveling’ Ocho because of what it does: It ‘travels’ or moves down the line of dance! It is also one of 4 pieces of common vocabulary [ 1.) Parallel

Milonga Ochos

Milonga Ochos are just what they sound like, Ochos that happen in Milonga. ‘Sounds like’ and ‘are’, are two very different things. First of all, the Milonga Ocho is very small. Tiny actually. Sometimes this variety of Ocho is called a ‘Baby’ Ocho because of there size. However, rightfully we refer to them as Milonga Style Ochos. The reason ? Because we use them in Milonga, a lot…hence their name. However, they can be applied elsewhere but more often than not we use them in Milonga. And the reason is because of the speed and size that you can invoke…


Turns. There are 8 types of social turns that Argentine Tango uses on a somewhat Frequent basis. 1.) Walking Turns. 2.) The Follower’s Molinete/Lead Giro – Follower’s Giro/Lead’s Molinete & Variations. 3.) Milonguero Turns. 4.) Rock Steps & Alterations 5.) Ocho Cortado & Variations 6.) Single Axis Turns & Colgada Variations. 7.) Calesitas 8.) Media Lunas All of the turns listed above have been video’d here and have a requisite article attached to them….

Check Steps/Incremental Steps

advice, and more CLICK HERE TO REGISTER practical tango advice, open articles, free videos What is a Check Step ? A Check Step is a bit of a misnomer. First and foremost it is a form of movement that we can and do invoke inside of specific moments like the Ocho Cortado for example. Secondly it is its own type of Tango Vocabulary. In the first option, the movement itself is a leg extension done by either Lead or Follower (usually the Follower is led to this), where the leg extends through Perihelion phase of the step, but does not…

Single Axis Turns

Single Axis Turns There are Eight Turns in Argentine Tango that Tango Topics has identified as Commonly used or Social Turns. There are a few others that are outside of the common eight but for the most part, accept for now that there are eight. Just in case you were curious, the Eight Common Turns are, in order of precedence and commonality: 1.) The Follower’s Molinete/Lead’s Giro. 2.) Milonguero Turn. 3.) Rock Step. 4.) Ocho Cortado. 5.) Calesitas. 6.) Media Luna Turns. 7.) Colgada Turns. 8.) Anti-Molinete. Today’s Tango Topic deals with one of those common eight turns. This particular…

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