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…is no hesitation in them. There is no wildness in them and further still there is seemingly no willfulness to do ‘X’, or to control ‘Y’ constantly. They’ve gotten out of their systems the desire to hit every known boleo, every adornment, and they’ve gotten over their embellishment phase. They hear the music and able activate it, and not just slosh through a beat or structure that’s being led, but rather hit it as the lead intended (Think vals 121/131, patter, milonga, etc). This however does not make someone an Active Follower. This is only the measure of the Passive…

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Argentine Wraps

…of 4 Displacements that happen in Argentine Tango. The first that this site has talked about is the Argentine Sacada. The next is the Argentine Gancho. Next is the Argentine Boleo (Social Boleos, Circular Boleos, Linear Boleos) And the very last is the Argentine Wrap (or Enganche). Displacement ? What’s that ? Meaning that the Free leg will either drift away as a result of an invasion as in the case of an invasive step. By default, if someone steps into you, you’re going to step backward or away from them. There are 3 possible responses to this invasive step….

Thought 124 – La Cumparsita

…On Beat, Off Beat, The 5 Musical Pauses, Tango Music History, What to Listen for, How to Listen, and includes 14 Days of Tango Music, then 30 Days of Intensive Music, and more! For Leads & Followers! Take Your Musical Understanding To A Whole Other Level! Try > Our Tango Music Course bob was mr. boleo. he subscribed. now he walks & his partners love him. A few more interesting facts, even though Firpo wrote lyrics for La Cumparsita, it was only recorded 4 times with a singer, and only once with a woman. D’Arienzo recorded it twice with a…

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Vocabulary. This word refers to codified, identifiable, demonstratable, teachable, and often used Tango steps or patterns. Such as ? A Volcada, or Colgada, or Sacada, or Parada, Salida, Boleo, Mordita, and the like, just to name a few. These are Tango steps that are referred to as Tango Vocabulary or Vocabulary. Usually, we talk about this stuff in reference to what’s being done musically. However, it’s also short-hand for identification purposes….

Advice 087 – BsAs – La Viruta

…any other milonga is the order of the day. If you haven’t mastered this yet (lead or follow) it’s going to be even harder here. And the reason is….HELLO!!!! Again, it’s dark! 🙂 There is no room for boleos, ganchos, open colgadas, or flying legs anywhere. Leave that shit at home. There’s just no space for that here, unless it’s on a Sunday night and it’s closer to ‘closing’ time, which in that case you’ll see a bit more ‘vocabulary’ on display. This is all about proprioceptive dancing. Know it, learn it, live it, dance it. Walk, turn, patter, cross,…

Advice 080 – Berlin

…gone to great lengths to help you with that. Working on your technique, your foundation, informing you about what you need to work on and how. Follower Technique, Leading Technique, Vocabulary Suggestions (Building Blocks, Simple Sacadas, Social Colgadas, Social Volcadas, Social Boleos, Social Ganchos, just to name a few), as well as working on How to Listen to the music and what to listen for and more importantly what to do with it! The tools are here for you to use. Use them. You’re going to have questions, lots of question, and the first of those questions is where… WHERE…

The 5 Point Guide to Private Lessons

…plan to work on ‘X’. Where ‘X’ in this case could be but is not limited to: Your back steps, your side steps, your forward steps. The Follower’s Molinete, Traveling Ochos, Milonguero Ochos, Forward Lead Sacadas, Follower Back Sacadas, The Argentine Cross, Ganchos, Boleos, Paradas, The Media Luna, The Ocho Cortado…just to name a few. Pick something that you find difficult and challenging and go to said teacher and ask for their take on the vocabulary. And if you don’t know the name of the vocabulary, ask the people that you’re dancing with what it’s called so that you can…

Thought 130 – The Birthday Song

…> Our Tango Music Course bob was mr. boleo. he subscribed. now he walks & his partners love him. The Benefits of a Birthday Song. There are a few, but important, benefits to having a Birthday Song for one or more people at the Milonga. 1.) From an organizational position, the Milonga Organizer can use this as a way to advertise the weekly Milonga. “It’s Miles’ Birthday, Come and Dance with him into the wee hours!”. That sort of thing. 2.) It’s a way for the Community to come together and support one of their own. 3.) It’s a way…

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