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Today’s Tango Topic takes a monster stab at this process, and shows you the meat of just how to Interpret the Music. The end goal here is to create a structured process that allows us to make free choices instead of haphazard choices that don’t necessarily fit at all, if ever. However, for most people when they begin this process of Musical Interpretation they are rightfully overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the problem. How do you interpret the music when the topic of Tango Music is so vast ? How do you even begin to tackle the problem because not only is Tango Music vast (over 90,000 pieces and counting, and only a fraction of that we actually dance to on a regular basis) but it’s also insanely multi-layered, and multifaceted ? If you thought the vocabulary and the execution of technique was the unending onion, the music itself will drive you right over the wall of madness! How do you solve a problem this vast ?

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