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What is a Social Boleo ? First and foremost we must make clear the first part of the phrase “Social”. Social in this context that Tango Topics typically defines that word as: 1.) Being involved in the dynamic of people and their lives either as a group or individually at the Milonga. 2.) The Ronda of the dance floor, pertaining to the line, the lane, and the floorcraft of the couple. 3.) The Milonga experience. Meaning how you enter the room, who you speak to, where you sit, how you sit, what you dance to, who you dance with, how you invite or deny a dance. 4.) Fitting any and all vocabulary choices, regardless of which role is initiating it, within the physical width of the “lane” of dance, and the physical distance of one singular step that goes with the line of dance. 5.) Respecting the Ronda, the line of dance as well a one’s partner, and the couples around you, and the floor in general. 6.) Not executing anything that does not fit musically.

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