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Course Thesis: In this course we will examine the foundations of tango music next most basic element – The Musical Pause.

Course Description: This is another one of those things that you would think would be insanely easy but I assure it’s not. And this is where most people screw up. Tango music is insanely complex. Deceptively so. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by it that it will quite literally drive you batshit crazy! One of things that will do that is the Musical Pause or Rest.

The reason that it will drive you batshit crazy is that the Pause or Rest is not always the same. Furthermore, the idea of what a pause or a rest is and is not is rather confusing.

Further still, you quite literally have no idea what you’re supposed to be listening for. You would think that it’s just a ‘rest’. Ok what does that actually sound like ? Answer ? You don’t know do you ? Most people don’t. That’s where this section of the course comes in. It helps to hear what I call ‘<strong>Markers</strong>’. There are 5 common types that we’re going to play with out of 13 (leaving 8 that aren’t so common).

We will define and assess the 5 types of Markers are, and then help you to hear them religiously through a series of exercises and then we start on your Tango Del Dia (Tango of the Day)!


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