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Golden Nugget Extensions

Golden Nugget Extensions. This vocabulary is based on the Golden Nugget of Tango. It is a double-entendre. 1.) It means playing with the Follower’s (or Lead’s) leg extensions. 2.) It’s playing with extending the capabilities and variations on/in the Golden Nugget of Tango itself.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget. Refers to a foundational piece of Tango vocabulary that you will see no where else, which is taught by no one else except Tango Topics and it’s progenitors. The Golden Nugget is an exceptionally useful piece of tango vocabulary that allows both Lead and Follow to dance all night long with near […]

The Golden Bundle

The Golden Nugget of Tango is quite possibly the most badass tango vocabulary every devised. Simple, clean, elegant, and incredibly extensible, not to mention insanely musical! Now add in the Golden Nugget Extensions, and you’ve got yourself all the tools and toys you need to dance Tango all in one singular package! The combined package […]

Golden Nugget of Tango

The Golden Nugget of Tango. We start out learning how to walk, then to turn, then to cross. Along the way we learn about the embrace. We go out social dancing and play with what we’ve learned, seen, experienced, and try to replicate it. And throughout all of that it’s really just a matter of […]

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is a Tango Topics construct, and is quite possibly the one tango pattern that you will ever need to know to dance tango. Put another way it’s a piece of Tango vocabulary (a pattern) that works in all 3 dances, is highly extensible (meaning it can be modified endlessly), extremely adornable (meaning you can adorn it), and is insanely musical!

Golden Nugget Extensions

What is a Golden Nugget Extension ? The title is a both a double-entendre as well as a deliberate explanation of what it is. First, it’s taking the Golden Nugget and adding an expansion pack to it. Things you probably hadn’t thought of when playing with The Golden Nugget. Secondly, it’s adding extensions to everything, everywhere!

Cross Body Incrementals

See the Article on Cross Body Incrementals ———- About The Video. This video comes in at 36m:38s in length in 9 Sections. Separate Lead Technique and detailed Follower Technique is explained here in the video. Section 1 – Introduction – 00:04:26 Section 2 – Lead Technique – 00:04:36 Section 3 – The Weight Change – 00:02:41 Section 4 – Embrace Clarity […]

Check Steps/Incremental Steps

Check Steps/Incremental Steps. These are simple pieces of tango vocabulary really. It’s a step. Nothing more than that. Don’t get confused or lost in thinking this is overly complex. It’s not. It looks cool but there it’s insanely simple. It is leading and following a step. That’s it, that’s all. To be a bit more clear, there are two piece of vocabulary, one is an extension of the other. The Check Step…

Tango Topics – Building Blocks #3

In this Tango Building Block 31 Minute Episode we explore the Incremental Step, the Gooey Gancho, and the Follower’s Back Sacada for adding spice and creative options to your dance as a whole. Come and take a look at the sample above and consider registering to see the full article. It’s free! The video is not though…sorry.

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