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Today’s #Tango Advice 073: Hoy Milonga.

Planning on going to Buenos Aires ? And bringing your iPhone or Android phone ? Good idea.

Let’s get something out of the way immediately, you're not going to be able to get a temporary or month long service plan like in some places in the world. That’s just not going to happen. Get that thought right out of your head. You can, however, get a pay-by-usage plan. Most service providers offer 3G data service along with the 'service'. The simcard is cheap and comes in all major flavors (sizes), and the usage plan is insanely simple: You load up the card with as much money as you want (start with 200 pesos, that should last you a week or so) and they just deduct until you run out, you refill as needed. Simple, no ? You can ‘recarga’ (recharge your simcard) at almost any kiosko or locutorio. And there are some places where you can do an atm-like purchase for more service. You just need the phone number and cash, and you're good to go. Simple. There is one hitch, you can’t buy a simcard at a kiosko OR a locutorio. You have to go one of the provider stores! 🙁 Don't worry, they’re all over the place, they’re hard to miss. Do bring your passport, you’ll need it to buy and register the simcard at the store. 

There is one free app, aside from the local transit apps, that you should absolutely get before you leave your home country: Hoy Milonga.

The app shows you exactly what milonga is happening on that day, where the milonga is at, and when, what bus lines (Colectivos) are closest to that milonga, and/or how to get there. It also shows you contact information to call for table reservations. It’s kept upto date, and can be downloaded from the app stores for iOS and/or Android. There is also a companion website which shows you the same basic information as the app just laid out in a better format. http://www.hoy-milonga.com/ You can download the app here for iOS and/or Android

It should be noted that there's also an Hoy Milonga version specifically for Berlin AND New York. These are two larger than normal tango communities that rightfully, because of their volume of venues and people dancing on a regular basis, require their own applications. You can find those on the app stores as well. 😉 

Important Safety Tip: Just be careful flashing that thing out in the street, crime is still a thing in Buenos Aires. If you want to use your phone on the street, stand in an alcove with your back to street. Thieves have been known to snatch it out of your hands while you're walking down the street! #SocialTango #SocialDance #ArgentineTango #TangoDancing

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