Today’s #Tango Thought 041: Presentation Tango 

There is a very popular idea in Tango that gets paraded around a lot, an idea that gets confused with Social Tango which is NOT Social Tango at all but rather it's about the steps, patterns, and figures. This is known as ‘Show’ Tango, ’Scenario’ Tango, ‘Stage’ Tango, ‘Fantasia’ Tango, or Presentation Tango.

Another way to talk about this kind of Tango is that it is best classified/described as Posing-Every-3-Steps-Performance-Tango-To-Overly-Dramatic-Music-From-The-Late-60's-That-Resembles-A-Wrestling-Match that can not be used on a social dance floor, ever!

These are steps, or patterns, or figures that are taught as a way to sell classes or a teaching couple, to package what they do that works for them in a performance. This stuff is not meant to be used in the line of dance, ever. But that’s exactly what gets paraded around as Social Tango. It’s not. It’s Presentation Tango. The overly sharp bodily lines. The pointed toes, elbows, and legs.  The very rough, and forceful movements. The huge, gaping steps, taking up oodles of space. The figure after pattern after step, repeated endlessly that has no relationship to what’s actually happening in the music.

Put another way, this is what a good portion of traveling tango teachers parade around as 'Social Tango' when in fact it's actually Presentation Tango.

Presentation Tango does not work on a social dance floor. Ever. There’s no space for it. Especially in Buenos Aires or a crowded dance floor. #SocialTango #SocialDance #ArgentineTango #TangoDancing

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