Today’s #Tango Thought 039:

Tango music consists of 3 major components: Beat, Pause, and Phrases.

Beat is really easy to get, or so you would think. Most people have a problem with the tempo of the music. They hear one thing and it's either too fast (usually), or they have trouble finding the order of the strongest beat in the music. They're confused.  

Phrasing is a bit more difficult. Hearing the phrases, takes time and patience and is the single hardest thing that you will do. Unfortunately a good portion of teachers have no concerted method for teaching this concept of 'phrasing' to hear the 'phrase'. Phrasing and Phrases are not the same things by the way.

But how to listen for Pauses, something that isn't 'there' ? You're listening for 'markers' that are in every piece of tango music. There 13 'markers', but 5 of them are very common. This site teaches this idea as a Gold+ user. #SocialTango #SocialDance #ArgentineTango #TangoDancing

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