The Golden Nugget

Once long ago you were an itty-bitty Tango dancer. You could barely walk, the music was either intriguing or unappealing at best, and the very idea of going to a Milonga where everyone and god could see just how much you were sucking raw eggs just about scared the bejeebers out of you.

From a Leading perspective you were afraid of screwing up, boring the follower to death with the one cool move you knew, and the idea of close embrace just freaked you out. The mere concepts of embrace clarity, kinesthetic stillness, and musical cleanliness, as far you were concerned, were quite literally were so far from your consciousness that about the only thing you could see was the imminent fear of either hitting someone, stepping on your partners feet, or looking like an idiot. Remember that ?

From a Following perspective it was all about "Did I get it right ? What did I miss ? I hope he dances with me again, I'm such a screw up....". Posture ? Ha! Adornments ? Ha ha! Hanging, Pulling, and Pushing on your Lead ? Not even on your radar screen. But the lead was more than happy to explain it to you in lurid detail if you asked. Mind you he shouldn't have done that, but you didn't know any better....right ?

Most of the Tango world starts out learning The 'dreaded' Eight Count Basic and then slowly, very slowly progresses from there onto Ochos, Molinetes, Sacadas, Colgadas, Volcadas, more steps, patterns, and figures...etc. However, it's the 8 Count Basic that we learn to start with, which is about as useful as a small kitchen appliance unplugged! Why ? Because it breaks 3 rules - 1.) You step backwards against the line of dance. 2.) You step out of the LANE of dance. 3.) At the end you step back into the orginal lane of dance. Talk about pissing someone off!

Today's Tango Topic shows another entry point to that learning method: The Golden Nugget of Tango! However, this isn't just about beginner Tango. Today's Topic shows anyone the 7 basic things they should know, how to create a dance and augment it, how to dance open or close embrace, just for starters. This was the very first thing that I, now as a teacher, was taught...and it's the very last thing I show my level one tango intensive students. By the time this shows up in their education, they're completely ready for it and it's almost a "Why are we doing this Miles ?".

A little story. When I first learned this my teacher sent me out into the Tango world almost immediately afterwards (after spending about 5 days on it) and I went to my 1st milonga. I sat there most of the night without the intention to dance because I knew I wasn't ready for it. Along about midnight and the end of the milonga a friend that came with me asked me to dance and I freaked right out. She finally pulled me to the floor and I had to dance. So I tried the only thing I knew - The Golden Nugget (mind you it wasn't called that then). 4 steps in and I ran into people, I crossed lanes of dance, I even stepped on some poor lady's foot! I went back to my teacher the next day and said "this f*cking thing doesn't work!!!!". He smiled and asked "Why not ?". I told him what had happened the night before. He laughed and said, "Miles, you oriented the wrong way going down the line of dance and instead...." can you guess ? I went across the lanes of dance! I could have screamed. I learned a very valuable lesson that day, one that would carry me forward. Not all is at it appears and to investigate why something works! I hadn't. From that day to this one. I always ask....always.

Why is it called the Golden Nugget of Tango ? Because it contains everything you will ever need to know in order to go out dancing. That's no bull. It's not an idle boast either. Download the video for yourself, and you'll see what I mean. Order today and save 25% -> ©TangoTopics.