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monthly or yearly
19.99 per month, or 220.00 for 1 year
monthly or yearly
99.99 per month, or 1199.88 for 1 year
Everything in Gold Plus!+
100% discount on all downloads!


These are subscription viewing services only which allow you to view videos as many times as you like within your subscription time period. However, if you'd like to take them offline, you may purchase the videos at a reduced rate based on your subscription level. When you subscribe your discount for a download will automagically be applied, no codes to remember or input, and you'll see that immediately reflected on the order page before you purchase! 

1.) All users have preview access to all published materials ahead of time, usually about a day or so ahead of time. 
2.) Access is billed in monthly or yearly installments.
3.) Billing will begin immediately the day you purchase and run through the length of time you have selected. 
4.) All subscriptions, & videos sales are final...there are NO Refunds for any product or subscription in any way, shape, or form for any reason! 
5.) There are NO cancellations. Once you click the accept button, you're on!
      Please read the Terms & Conditions. I know you won't, but you may want to read them anyway. 
6.) Gold level users have access to Sacadas, Situational Videos & Social Vocabulary, Free users do not, unless they upgrade
7.) Diamond & Milonguero Level users have immediate access to all materials either download or viewing.
      No waiting, no delays, 100% discount on all downloads.
8.) You will not be able to share your login information with anyone. All logins and services are tracked and logged. If you break this rule and share your login with others, your access will be terminated but your subscription will continue to it's end!
9.) Intensive Level students have access to all materials for the period of 1 year from the time that they start their weekly sessions. 
10.) As a Gold, Gold+, Diamond, Milonguero, or Intensive Level user you have access to any Premium Video that is related to a  Premium Article, or Practical Tango Advice Article (formerly 'What Happens In the Case of...'), regardless of the release schedule below.