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gold+video - $34.99 per month

This membership level adds a very important feature to Gold+ user.  (Want to Pay Yearly, Pay here ?)

Watching videos to improve your dance is one thing, but having someone review your dance is entirely different! 

Introducing Gold+Video Membership! 

In addition to all the toys of the Gold and Gold+ level now you can now upload a video of you and your favorite partner dancing and have it reviewed for technical (embrace, vocabulary, execution), musical, and navigational feedback with corrective input and guidance of what you need to study and work on using tangotopics videos for you to study from! One video per month. 

Step 1 - You dance with your partner and record it with your smartphone or video camera.
Step 2 - You upload it to a special google drive space set up for you. 
Step 3 - One day later (as time and scheduling permits) your feedback video will be ready for you to view. 

It's simple, easier than ever to improve your dance! 

This is a sample of the kind of feedback that you'd get.


All Gold Level Features - If you're a gold level user, then you know what you're getting. 

All Gold Plus  Level Features - If you're a gold+ level user, then you know what you're getting. 

One Video Per Month - Shoot a video of you and your favorite dance partners, once a month dancing either tango, milonga, or vals - your choice.

Upload To Google Drive - Then Upload your video to a special google drive folder set aside for you.

Review Video - A day or so later (as time and space permits) you'll get a response video detailing what you need to improve on with a detailed analysis of your dance and what you need to work on.


No refunds or cancelling in any way, shape, or form. Be careful when you press the button, and make absolutely certain that you want to purchase this service.

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