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Embrace – Intention


The Most Important Tool You Will Ever Use.

Tango possesses many tools like your posture (presence, really) walking, weight changes, disassociation, applied disassociation, and many more. But the one that separates you from the run of the mill dancer ? Intention. Think of Intention as a wisp of air, a thought to do something. The thing that we’re interested in, is the thought component, that you propose, you suggest, invite, cajole, engage, or….ready for it ? You INTEND to do something. That’s intention. It’s the barest hint of … well … everything. This skill once fully engaged is all about nuance, and you want to hear the nuance, and once you do, you won’t want anything else!

One issue that comes up for most people when they think of ‘Intention’ is that it’s all about being wimpy, wishy-washy, not really present, like a cold dead fish, afraid to touch. And that’s not fully engaged intention at all. No, that’s just awful technique or poorly implemented ideas. No, true Intention is all about engagement without the need to force anything, but rather guidance, suggestion, invitation! That is intention!

How is this good for a Lead ? In every way possible. Imagine leading your Follower by thought alone! Not so far fetched. Do your job right and it will feel exactly like that to your Followers, almost effortless…like they’re floating in your embrace and everything you lead is possible! Let’s go one step further and state that if you do your job right, you’ll have a line of Followers itching to dance in your embrace!

How is this good for a Follower ? Same thing as above times 10! You’ll just have to fight them off with a stick! You may to do that already but this will add a whole other dimension to your legerdemain! Effortless doesn’t even begin to cover it. It will feel as if to your lead that you’re responding to every nuance, every twitch, every aspect of their thoughts…and that translates to…more dances for you! 🙂 And more dances, depending on the Lead in question, is a good thing.