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Dancing In A Small Space


Dancing in small space is a very difficult proposition for both lead and follow. It requires both partners to be actively aware of their surroundings as well as what they’re executing within the space that they have that’s available, within the time to the music, as well as to make it comfortable and stable for both partners, all the while adhering to the line of dance, and not impacting it in any way, shape, or form. That’s difficult. Unfortunately most classes don’t prepare you for this. And the reason is that it’s very detailed work, further that it’s a lot of material to cover in a single hour long class.

Which is why this workshop weekend will present you with most of the tools that you need in order to dance in a small space. Using simple tango vocabulary that you can immediately incorporate into your dance as a Lead or as a Follower. The workshop is ideal for those that want to dance at Marathons and are planning on going to Buenos Aires, or just traveling to other larger tango cities like New York, San Francisco, Berlin, London, etc.

The material listed below is most of what will be covered in the workshop over the 3 days. The instructor will vary the material based on the general level of the dancers that are present. It is strongly suggested that you sign up for Tango Topics as a gold+ user as all of the material covered in the workshop will be used. So your familiarity with it is absolutely crucial to your success. After you sign up for the weekend, as a bonus you’ll get access to the video of Dancing In A Small Space for 3 months after the workshop which goes over most of these concepts!

There is a limitation on space: No more than 8 couples.

Day One –  From 5:30 to 10:00 

0.) Video Dancing – No Analysis.
1.) Closer Embrace Dancing. – 1.5 hr (½ hr break)
2.) Walking Turns – Employing 6 Ways of Walking. – 2.0 hrs (15 min break)
3.) Cross Body Incrementals – 1.5 hrs.
4.) Dancing In The Box – Part 1 – Video – No Analysis.

Day Two – From 11:00 to 6:00
1.) Using The Milonguero Turn – 1.5 hrs (15 min break)
2.) Playing with an Ocho Cortado, Options & Variations – 1.5 hrs (15 min break)
3.) Incorporating The Media Luna – 2.0 hrs (15 min hr break)
4.) Dancing In The Box – Part 2 – Video – No Analysis – 1/2 hr.
5.) Fixing 5 Common Errors & Video Analysis – 2.0 hrs.

Day Three – From 11:00 to 4:00
1.) Patter, Check Steps, Back Crosses– 1.5 hrs (½ hr break)
2.) Paradas, Barridas, and Simple Calecitas – 1.5 hrs. (½ hr break)
3.) Dancing In The Box – Part 3 – Video Analysis. 2.0 hrs.

Your dancing will be video’d and WILL NOT be shared outside of the workshop or online in any way, shape, or form. No one will see the video except you and your partner. All videos will be destroyed immediately after the weekend. Video will be used to show you what you’re doing while you are doing it. A ‘live’ mirror, of your issues, that can be very helpful in creating clear and present change in you, your dance, and your execution of the dance.


Chestnut Hill – Sept 29th – Oct 1st. Studio Location disclosed to participants only upon registration.

Registration & Fee:

The fee is for the couple.
Single registrations are accepted but you are responsible for payment for your partner and you work it out amongst you.
CASH or PAYPAL is accepted. IF CASH (NOT A CHECK), please message the organizer directly ahead of time until the 28th!
Registration CLOSES Sept. 28th.
No Refunds, All Sales are FINAL.


1.) Couples only. You will work with that partner only. There is one partner rotation that will be suggested but not enforced.
2.) You must have been dancing 1 to 2 years like a fiend at minimum. Longer is better!
3.) It is strongly suggested that you subscribe to BEFORE you register and are familiar with the material and concepts (which are all on in the video archive, and can be viewed online), otherwise it will be a waste of your time and your money.