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A Dark Side Salida

The Salida. The Spanish word ‘Salida’ translates in English to ‘Exit’ or ‘Left’ as in the past tense of the verb to ‘Leave’. However when we apply this to Argentine Tango it means something else entirely different. It is a process that includes Cabeceo/Mirada, and the Entrada in the line of dance, as well as the Exit (Salida) from the dance, and walking your partner back to where you found them. In BsAs, or more formal Milongas in the world (including Encuentros), this means walking them back to their table. This is the process known as ‘Salida’. However with regards to the dance we typically only equate the word Salida with Entrada phase of the dance, and this is known as a ‘Salida’ Step. An entry (or exit) into (or from) the line and/or lane of dance. There is typically only one that gets talked about and or shown, and that’s the very typical couple side step into the lane of dance. There are, as you might imagine, loads of others. Today’s Tango Topic talks about a very specific and special one referred as the Dark Side Salida.


The Dark Side SalidaThis particular Salida step is one of a variety of possible Salida steps that could OPEN or CLOSE the dance from a leading perspective. What makes this a unique Salida step is the fact that not only can be used as a Salida step but it can be used elsewhere in the dance. It’s also highly variable. Meaning that you can intersperse other elements into it to ‘adorn’ it with other ideas. 

This video is 12:00 in length in HD quality.