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Crosses – The Argentine Cross


The Argentine Cross. Probably the single most overused and highly misunderstood piece of Tango vocabulary ever danced. In a given song, you’ll end up either leading or following a cross a dozen or so times, at minimum! From a leading perspective we believe that we’re leading a cross, when in actuality it’s more like we’re expecting it more than anything else. From a following perspective we’ve been led to this venerable piece of vocabulary 10 thousand times and then some, and what’s so weird about that figure is that we can’t even recount just one of them. It’s so engrained in us, so ubiquitous, used so often that we will cross our feet by default without understanding why, or even when it happens, or (and here’s the kicker) that we crossed at all!

The Argentine Cross so named for it’s distinctive variant of Argentine Tango, to differentiate it from any other kind of Cross that happens in any other social dance. It’s just that there is no other social dance where the Follower is led to cross their feet. It doesn’t happen. Swing ? Salsa ? Any of the Ballroom dances ? When in any of those popular social dances does the Follower willingly, knowingly cross their feet ? Almost never. Argentine Tango, as you have read, the Cross will occur several times in a song, let alone a night…maybe a hundred or two hundred times…if that!

The Argentine Cross as it is taught is the most venerable piece of tango vocabulary, yet it is poorly understood, over used, yet danced so often you’d think that half the dance was the Follower crossing their feet for no good reason! And that’s because well there is no reason for it. A good portion of the time the Follower crosses their feet because they don’t know what else to do! It seemed like the logical thing to do at the time, further still is that the lead isn’t Mr. Clear either. Beyond that a good portion of the time you have rushed crosses, forced crosses, and placed crosses.

With all this mishigos going on, you would think that was a resource out there of clear, clean information on the Argentine Cross that could help to clarify these issues, correct them, and then show you something better. Now there is. This video.

This video shows you Lead Technique, Follower Technique, a Null Embrace version, an Open Embrace version, a Close Embrace version. It also shows a Parallel Cross System Cross as well as a Cross System Cross. And more intrinsic than that it also shows you WHY the cross happens, and specifically where it happens (and it’s not where you think it is). Put simply this is the most comprehensive Tango video on the market today that explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Argentine Cross from every possible perspective. So why don’t you download a copy today and fully understand what you should be doing instead of what you are doing! Yes it’s foundational vocabulary, don’t feel like you should already know this stuff, so you shouldn’t download it. Wrong thinking! Right thinking is that you need to own this video!