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Argentine Paradas


The word ‘parada’ translates into English as ‘stopped’. And that’s exactly what it is. A stop. From a Tango perspective this is a well worn piece of tango vocabulary that most people see as an element towards engaging the illusion of ‘intimacy’ of the dance, or it’s ‘steamy’ aspects. Anyone inside the dance knows that the ‘steamy’ thing is just that, an illusion, and that there’s real work to be done to make this venerable piece of tango vocabulary useful and musical. The vocabulary gets its name from the fact that we are stopping but it’s an unusual stop. It’s a stop not because you’re stopping the Lead’s motion, but in fact stopping the Follower’s motion. It’s more of an interruption really, because the ‘stop’ is momentary. With that thought in mind, let’s talk “Paradas”, what they are and how they’re useful for both roles of the dance. (see the article on Paradas for more information)

About The Video. This video comes in at 33m:08s in length in 13 Sections. Both lead and follower technique is combined and integrated in the video.

Section 1 – Introduction – 00:00:52
Section 2 – Building A Parada – 00:06:59
Section 3 – Parada Caveat – 00:00:37
Section 4 – Open Side Parada – 00:01:32
Section 5 – Closed Side Paradas – 00:00:58
Section 6 – Embrace Indicators – 00:01:24
Section 7 – Foot Awareness – 00:01:34
Section 8 – Rules for Decoration (Followers Only) – 00:01:51
Section 9 – Follower Embellishments for Paradas – 00:03:46
Section 10 – Multiple Paradas – 00:03:15
Section 11 – The Step Over – 00:04:23
Section 12 – Another Idea – 00:00:35
Section 13 – Gancho/Barrida from Parada/End – 00:04:27

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